Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week In Recap

The Good:

- Seeing my bankroll triple since my initial deposit, courtesy of the $7 Turbos. I've been away from FTP for so long that I didn't notice until this week that they now have multi-table Turbos as well as PLO turbos. I don't know if I'll ever be able to play a standard game of poker again.

The Bad:

- Busted early in the Mookie when I couldn't fold KK vs against QueensUp on a Q99 flop despite A) my UTG PF raise screaming strength and B) his 3-bet against my flop check-raise. His 89o held up, and I gained yet another example of where I played my overpair two hard despite evidence suggesting I wasn't ahead.

The Ugly:

-Yo momma

I'm shooting for Brit, Riverchasers and Mookie this week. No Big Game due to bankroll, no Skillz game since I have tickets for Thievery Corporation that night. See ya when I see ya.


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