Monday, April 13, 2009

Cause Hammer-dropping Is So Passe'

I’m back. And by “back” I mean “donating to blogger tournaments again.

I had every intention of reloading in time to make a decent run in the BBT4 for April. My cat had intentions as well, intentions of getting severely ill and forcing me to use my reload money on getting him better. Despite suggestions to just replace the cat, I played the role of good cat parent, and had to wait until this past payday to get some money on FTP. It wasn’t much but it was enough to get me started and at least allow me to play most of the BBT4 events this week, starting with the Brit Blogger Tournament.

Say what you will about dropping the hammer; what I say is that the more bloggers declare that The Hammer is overrated, ridiculous, or “so 2003”, the funnier I think it is. I don’t play it because I think “tee-hee, I just got you to fold the better hand, sucker!” but because I tend to overplay jokes beyond their shelf life. Plus, I don’t ALWAYS drop the hammer when I have it, but I will drop it when it makes sense. In the case of the Brit game, it made sense to play my hammer the two times I had it, because I couldn’t rely on winning any big pots; the times I had AA, QQ or JJ I got nothing but blinds. Not that the hammer fared any better:

-Hammer No. 1: Blind vs blind, I got some silly limper to fold his SB to me. I flashed the hammer, hilarity ensued.

-Hammer No. 2: After losing a large amount of my stack vs a short NewinNov (AJ vs AQ), I reshoved my own shortstack vs a MP raise. I got half of what I wanted: two live cards vs ATo. But by the end, somehow, my 7 high didn’t hold up against his Broadway. So rigged.

Tonight is Riverchasers. If I can get a token in time, or at least cash a couple of Super Turbos, I might be there.


Speaking of Super Turbos….oh, how I’ve missed thee. I got addicted to these last summer when FTP introduced them, and rediscovered them again this weekend. I’ve run fairly lucky in a couple of these (i.e 79c > AA, sucker!) but for the most part it’s been easy money, to the tune of doubling my deposit in just one weekend. Whether or not this run holds up remains to be seen (last time I sang the praises of the Super Turbo, I went on a major, MAJOR downward spiral), but as long as shorties keep folding and holding on to their remaining .5BB, I’ll keep playing.


P.S. Kudos to anyone who gets the song I’m referencing in my title post. I doubt anyone will, but you never know. MHG maybe?


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