Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Home Stretch

Warning: Fantasy Football Content only

It's crunch time for Fantasy Football. 6 more weeks left, and in both my leagues, I'm still competitive.

First off, the $100 league. As of this week I'm in a 4 way tie for 2nd, one game behind first place. This league has a bit of a different structure; no playoffs, just best record at the end of the season. I've always preferred this way because, if you get really hot, you can coast to 1st place without concern of losing the title due to a playoff format.

Anyways, with so many teams within 1 game or tied with each other, I felt I had to make a bold move. I was looking pretty good for the rest of the season; my next three games are against some of the worst teams in the league & I've got the highest scoring team. But I wasn't feeling as confident as I liked, and it was due to one player in particular: Brian Westbrook

Steady, reliable Brian Westbrook has been anything but the past three weeks, and in the last 6 games, he has three games against some of the best run defenses (Balt, NYG & Wash). I hated getting rid of him since he was so crucial to my victory last year, in addition to being my No. 1 pick this year, but I didn't feel like I could count on him. Plus, I was able to get someone I felt a little more comfortable with: Anquan Boldin.

Now, my lineup will be Thomas Jones at RB followed by Boldin, Wayne & Roddy White at WR. I lack RB depth (which I'm trying to improve by trading away Cotchery) but I've got a starting lineup featuring the No.2 RB and 3 of the top 6 WRs. Hopefully the move will pay off, literally.

In Skidoo's blogger league, Schaubs was my latest victim as I've used a 3 game winning streak to get back into playoff contention. However, I've only got two more games to make sure I stay there. I've been very active in this league, making more trades and waiver wire pickups than anyone else, mostly due to a poor draft. Some transactions have worked out (picking up Tyler Thigpen, trading Jennings for T. Jones, trading James for Matt Jones), others not so much (dropping Berrian too early, possibly overpaying for Braylon Edwards). I don't have a lot of confidence in my team, but if I can keep up with the luck I've had, I'm confident that I can use my FF skills to sneak into the playoffs and maybe cause some damage.


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