Monday, October 13, 2008

I Hate Fantasy Football

I just want to erase this week from my memory.

First, in Skidoo's league, I knew I had a tough time going in, with my top RB facing the Ravens, and his top RB, AP, facing the Lions. I thought I had a chance when AP didn't explode like everyone predicted, but it didn't matter since my RB, Addai, went down in the 1st quarter and finished with 3 fucking yards. Needless to say I'm now 2-4 in that league.

Oh yeah, Romo is out for a month now too. My QB is out, my RBs are beat up, and aside from Greg Jennings, my WRs are shit. I'm pretty much done in this league.

In my $100 league, I made a very costly lineup decision. I decided to start 3 WRs again and went with Wayne, Cotchery, and Breaston, leaving Roddy White on my bench. That didn't really impact me that much because it was between Breaston or White. Regardless, I went with one RB. Normally, it would have been Westbrook, but with him sidelined AGAIN, I had to choose between Julius Jones, Buckhalter, or Thomas Jones. Philly was banged up, and I thought Buckhalter was the least sure thing of the three. In the end I went with Julius Jones, thinking back to his efforts at home against SF and the Rams. I also thought NYJ would air it out more, and since I was already starting Cotchery and Keller at TE, I didn't want so many eggs in one basket.

So much for that idea. I overlooked the fact that Seattle was without their QB, making their offense less effective, and I ended up leaving almost 20 points on my bench because of that decision.

Oh yeah, I'm down by 30 points with NYG's defense going into Monday night. Pretty much impossible for me to win, but would've been close if I didn't start JJ.

And to make things worse, Romo is my QB in that league as well. GG me.

I love FF when I'm winning, but when I'm not, it's so fucking frustrating.

(Edit: Never would I have thought that having my Defense score negative points would feel so good, but thanks to NYG, there's no way mathematically I could have won the $100 game this week. Sucks, but in a way, it makes me feel better.)


At October 14, 2008 at 1:06 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Not to rub it in, but man, starting Breaston over Roddy White was ridiculous. Roddy White is far more superior and far more valuable in every aspect. And yes Thomas would've been a better choice of your RB Joneses, but that was sort of a coinflip. Your WR decision was not, and I think should've been a no-brainer the other way.

The roommate and I split a $200 team in a league this year... and we're 6-0! Our success being largely due to Roddy White's consistency, (not to mention getting AP w/pick #4.)

Sorry I haven't been able to join you at a Rascal's tourney yet! I do appreciate the invitations, and plan to make it there real soon. And I'll see ya on Halloween, if not before. Thanks for that invite too, lookin' forward to it!


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