Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Tale Of Two Teams

Warning: (mostly) Fantasy Football Content ahead. Some poker content follows.

Losing makes me do crazy things. Even though my blogger FF league is only $20, and I'm 9th out of 12, I've been more focused on that league because I'm losing. My team has been ransacked this year. My top three picks have all lost time due to injury. I've given up on players too early (Berrian) and not soon enough (Holmes). I made one trade that hasn't helped me (E. James for Matt Jones), and was forced to start a lineup of WRs with players like Steve Breaston, Josh Reed, and Chris Henry.

I also made a desperation trade, giving up on my top WR Greg Jennings. I knew this was a week I needed to win, and I needed help at RB. I traded him to Skidoo along with NE's Defense and Donnie Avery for Thomas Jones, TB's D and Brandon Lloyd. I made this trade for the following reasons:

1. Jones played against KC. KC has been allowing RBs HUGE numbers this year. TJ has been on a tear lately. All signs pointed to huge game.
2. Avery had been playing well but I was willing to give him up knowing that I was getting a soon to return Lloyd back.
3. TB's D was a huge upgrade over any D I've started this year.

I took a shot and it backfired huge. NYJ's RBs had a good game but Leon Washington was the biggest benefactor, Avery exploded against NE, and TB didn't take advantage of a struggling Dallas team like I expected. Had I not made the trade, I would have won. I would have been forced to start Avery and Mewelde Moore, who I thought would struggle against the NYG's D. Now, I'm staring at an outside shot of the money.

But all is not lost. In my $100 league I exploded after suffering a two game losing streak. Westbrook went off. Roddy White went off. Schaub went off. And NYG had a huge day defensively (although it was bittersweet since they took down my Steelers). The win A) moves me into a 4 way tie for second place, B) gives me a victory and a tiebreaker against one of the other 2nd place teams, and C) almost broke the record this season for most points in a week, I record I set in week two.

I haven't been as sharp in FF this year as I normally am, and it's shown in my blogger league, but I'm looking good in the league that counts more. As much as I'd like to have bragging rights in Skidoo's league, I'll settle for even 3rd place in my regular league. It's all about the money, and 3rd place pays more than 1st place in the blogger league.


I missed out on the impromptu homegame at the Chako's this weekend. A deadly combination of being flat broke and having prior engagements with my girlfriend to go see a play prevented me from joining in the festivities. It sounds like it was a lot of fun; hopefully I can make the next one.


At October 29, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Blogger 23skidoo said...

It was a tough trade that I really thought would work out for both of us. I'll be hurting without that extra RB now.


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