Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stupid Live Poker Recap

Skipped the FTOPS Turbo game like an idiot because I thought it was last night. Probably would have skipped it anyways even if I knew it was tonight. In it's place, I decided to drive up to Tulalip Casino to play their $60 Bounty tournament. Never played there before because it's a bit of a drive, but had the time today so decided to treat myself to some live poker.

I should have stayed home. I spent more time driving there than I did in the actual tournament.

I thought it was going to be a good night when the following occurred on the first hand:

1. UTG announced "check" & did so without putting any chips. When the dealer advised her of this, she said "Oh, OK, sorry. I'm used to playing $4\$8."

2. Player immediately to right of me fired out two bullets in a limped pot with a 4-high bluff, getting called down by the button who called all the way with TPTK.

However, I couldn't get any momentum. Raised two hands preflop: AQo and AJs. AQo missed board against 4-high bluffer and had to fold to his turn push with 6789 showing. I made a comment to the effect of "Did your T5 connect?" and he flashed me a T. Raised AJ from CO, got called by button (Mr. TPTK from 1st hand) but check-folded a KT7 flop without my suit showing.

The rest of my chips went to the ultimate luckbox ever. Not necessarily because she was a huge donk, although she was fairly easy to read. But she hit every. fucking. hand. By the time she took me out, I was her 7th bounty within two levels. I think I can remember most of them:

1. AA vs K9 on K-high flop. K9 limp-called preflop, then check-raised her huge bet.
2. 99 vs 75. She took out the 4-high bluffer when he flopped top pair + gutshot to her overpair.
3. AK vs A3. AIPF against mega-shorty; flopped flush draw, rivered a 3.
4. AK vs A9. AIPF after limp-calling a 1700 shove, went runner-runner for flush.
5. 77 vs 66. Took out $4\$8 lady after on 6 high-flop with a river 7. Of course, if the $4\$8 lady didn't min-check raise like a fucking limit donk, the river might never have happened.
6. 89 vs T7. I got bored so I limped UTG with sooted connectors, because raising my better hands wasn't working. Flop came ATT, checked all around. Turn was a 6, I took a stab & she called. River was a T, I'm left with $1k now and didn't feel like playing the short stack with soon to be 5BB or less at next level, so pushed & prayed. She called & sheepishly showed the case T. Luckbox.

But, all was not lost on the evening. I took my last $40 and played my bread & butter game: roulette. As expected, I hit my numbers twice in a row (17 then 3) then won a little bit more when 27 hit and I had $10 on 25-36 to not only recoup my buyin but also replenish whatever gas I wasted on the drive up there, plus a nice little cheeseburger & Diet Coke treat. The MTT is super soft; it just wasn't my night, but any time you can walk away from the soul-suck of a casino with more than you came in with is a victory no matter what.

BTW...happy birthday to LJ. Go Leos! (even though I don't believe in that shit.)


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