Monday, August 11, 2008

Stupid FTP

Man, all of you living in states with the cash pickup option available from FTP, consider yourself lucky.

On the otherhand, I am still waiting for a check that I originally requested at the end of June. Originally, they had "issues with their processor" so they had to cancel my check request. Around this time, they debuted the cash pickup option. I was able to get $500 but didn't request more, fearful of tying up so much of my bankroll in this new unknown withdrawal option. Sadly, that was the only time it worked for me before it became "unavailable for my geographic location." So I requested another check after being reassured that the processor issues were worked out.

So much for that. All I got was another apology email from FTP with ANOTHER reassurance that my check would be sent this week.

To their credit, FTP has compensated me for the issues. The first issue resulted in a $100 bonus, the second was just a $100 outright deposit into my account. Of course, all the bonuses & credits in the world don't mean a thing if I'll never get them.

So I'm still waiting on one check while simultaneously considering moving a large portion of my bankroll to PS. As much as I prefer FTP's software, I like being able to play with money that I might one day actually see.


After much deliberation, I decided against playing the FTOPS tonight and elected to take the $T instead. One, it's a single-stack turbo format, and I'm not looking forward to playing that. Two, and more importantly, I have a second set of interviews for probably the best job opportunity I've found since getting laid off back in May. So at least I have my priorities straight. As much as I was looking forward to taking a shot in a larger buy-in MTT, it's the right decision. I'll probably use the majority of the $T for other MTTs like the 50-50 or maybe a shot at the late night Turbo Hundo.


I've got a birthday coming up on Saturday, and I think I'll probably treat myself to a tournament (perhaps two) this week at Tulalip. If I can find a way to wake up before 11am to make it there, I'll try my best to provide some Jordan-esque recaps.


At August 12, 2008 at 11:13 AM, Blogger lj said...

~ funny. i requested a check hoping it would take awhile and i would get a bonus, but instead it came like 3 days later (this is about a week and a half ago). very weird that you're having so much trouble. also the cash pickup is a bit misleading b/c the only places where i can pick up the money give a max of $500 cash and you still have to go to a bank to cash a money order for the rest.

At August 12, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Blogger lj said...

ps happy birthday! mine is today and if ftp comes back up i may play the turbo as a little bday treat after going out to dinner.


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