Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantasy Football Week 8 (with a bit of poker content too)

Another week, another victory, although this one was pretty huge. This week's victory:

1. Gave me a 2 game lead
2. Was against the previous second place team who gave me my only prior loss, so this was big in terms of a potential tiebreaker
4. Happened despite not starting my best lineup.

The play of the week was Manning's 59 yard TD to Wayne; owning both players, that play alone was worth about 18 points to me. With my opponent starting Moss & Gostkowski, I had to sweat the entire Patriots game, but in the end I came away with a double digit victory.


Peyton Manning
- It looked rough in the early going for Manning, but he came through with a good effort this week.

Brian Westbrook - The two scores were huge, but more importantly, he didn't get injured.

Marshawn Lynch - Every fantasy site hyped up Lynch this week, and for good reason. The Jets are atrocious & Lynch has put up good numbers even against good defenses. Luckily he did just enough to keep me ahead, but suffice it to say I expected more this week.

Reggie Wayne - The kind of numbers I hoped for when I took him as my first WR. With Harrison out he's the primary target, and he's put up two huge weeks lately. Which is awesome, because I have no other consistent WRs.

Isaac Bruce
- A late decision, I figured he'd perform well against in a shootout against the Browns. Was hoping for a TD with the yardage, but not a bad choice for a last minute grab.

Heath Miller - No TDs for this guy, which was disappointing since my opponent had Roethlisberger, and my TDs would've been more valuable than his.

Kris Brown - I didn't expect much against the Chargers this week, but I may have to start looking for a new kicker since Houston's offense is a mess right now.

NYG D - Put up decent numbers but, in the light of very few sacks & no TOs, I was hoping for a shutout.


Derek Anderson
- Better numbers than Manning this week, and he'll probably be my starter next week vs. Seattle rather than Manning vs. NEP.

Joey Galloway - Left him on my bench since he's so streaky & I didn't figure him to go off against Jacksonville. So much for that - his benching could've cost me the game

Waiver Wire

For some reason, another owner dropped M. Colston earlier this week. So not only did he not play him, he might lose him for the rest of the year. I put a claim on him & B. Watson, who was dropped for a bye week replacement. I don't really need Watson, but I don't want anyone else grabbing him. They both cleared waivers, so it's first come, first serve, and it'd be sweet to grab both of them. It'd only cost me Jason Wright & Issac Bruce.

Other Notes

I sent off a couple of trade offers this week to some of the bottom-feeder teams, hoping to trade some depth in exchange for a top WR or RB. Even though players like D. Bowe & P. Crayton are on my bench, they're still top 20 WR. I didn't expect to pry away someone like Willie Parker in exchange for T. Henry and one of those WRs (or both, I don't care), so I wasn't surprised when they all declined. What was surprising was that the majority of them said that they were happy with their teams. Really? You're happy when three of the RBs on your roster are out for the year? (McAllister, R. Brown, & Cadillac) You're happy when your starting WRs are Bernard Berrian & Donald Driver? Or your ONLY RBs are S. Jax, M. Jones-Drew, and L. Jordan, yet you're sitting on 6 WRs? It's baffling that these guys aren't even interested in negotiating. One person said that the only players I had that they were intersted in were Wayne, Westbrook, & Manning, but considering his best players are E. James & Plaxico, it's obvious that's not going anywhere.

I thought this was worth sharing, just to give you an idea of how soft this league is. The owner that has the 3 RBs our for the year....he only had two until he decided to drop Jerious Norwood for Ronnie Brown THIS WEEK. And, to top it off, he started him this week too.


Not much happening with poker, obviously, if I have no bankroll. I'm been subjected to donking around in the freerolls. Took a shot at a seat in the $750k but got hosed when I flopped two pair on a Q67 board. Get a medium stack all in with nothing but the wonderful JackAce, but lose to a runner-runner 4 flush. The wheels fell off after that. Made my way through a Stud freeroll of almost 4000 to win a seat in another freeroll, where 1st place was a decent $170, but 450th place was a not-so-decent fifty cents. I'm kinda glad I finished before the money in that one.

I've resorted to posting about freerolls. Ugh, shoot me now.

Anyways, aside from asking for donations, I doubt I'll be depositing again until after X-mas. I still have the itch to play daily (to think that I was getting bored with the $5 SNGs - I'd KILL to play one of them right now) and I always get that "awfuckit" feeling to throw some money back on there, but that'd be counterproductive to the reason I cashed out in the first place. I'm working on incorporating some live play back into my schedule, but plans are still developing. I'll have some more about hopefully in the next week or so. GL to all in the BBT2. SO frustrating that I cashed out just before this, but I'm glad I'm keeping some of my money instead of continually donating it to you donks.


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