Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantasy Football Week 7

Enough of that depressing post, let's talk about something positive. Like another FF victory!

Admittedly, there's a bit of luck factor in my victories. After 7 games, I am 2nd in points, but I'm also next to last in points against. This week I was only 4th in points, but ended up going against the worst team & ran away with a victory.

I got put in the precarious spot this week of having to root for & against my team, the Steelers. My opponent played their defense this week while I started Heath Miller. It almost worked out perfectly, as the Steelers almost won despite giving up 28 points AND Miller had his best week yet. But we can't win them all. Anyways, here's how I did this week:


Peyton Manning - A distant 3rd at QB behind Brady & Romo. I didn't draft him with the expectation he'd have more 1 TD games than anything else, or that he'd have 4 of 6 weeks at less than 15pts. Indy's offense is so balanced this year that Manning has to be considered a semi-bust at this point. He's not losing me games, but he's not winning them either.

Brian Westbrook - Yardage was decent again, but still no scores. Take away that huge game against Detroit and he'd be a below-average RB with no TDs

Thomas Jones - After his game the week before, I expected a good game against Cincy this week. Needless to say, TJ won't be seeing any more starts from me unless I have an injury.

Reggie Wayne - Nice output from him this week. I hope this continues because my receiving corps is hurting right now.

Joey Galloway - He's hit & miss. Despite going against Detroit this week, he was a miss...again

Heath Miller - He saved me this week. I probably still would've won without the 2nd TD, but I needed at least one score from him. I'll say it again, by the end of the year, he'll be a top 5 TE

Kris Brown - All those points in the Hou-Tenn game and he gets just 4 extra points. I fucking hate kickers

Wash D - They were still the number 3 defense this week, but they blew a chance at a huge game against the Cardinals. That game should've been a shutout.


Marshawn Lynch - I don't think I can bench this guy anymore. He put up good numbers against Balt's D this week, and he's been as consistent as anyone this season. Not stellar, but consistent. He's got 3 great matchups before going up against NE, and even against the Pats he still put up almost 100 yards + a TD. Marshawn, I will doubt you no longer.

Andre Johnson - Please come back. I need you. I miss you. I miss your musk.

Seattle D - I knew the Rams matchup was a sweet one, but they're so fucking erratic, it's hard to know when to start them. I lost 13 points by benching them this week.

Waiver Wire

I don't feel confident starting Wash's D against NE this upcoming week, so I dropped them for NYGs. Minn is still available but they're so horrible against the pass, I don't trust them. I missed a chance at Kenny Watson & Jesse Chatman, so no other notable pickups.

Other Notes

Although I'm in 1st place by a game & a half, I'm not that happy with my team. I'm not confident starting any of my players, and I'm only an injury away from being very screwed. Furthermore, I don't have that many tradeable assests, just Derek Anderson & Travis Henry. It's time to start making some offers and see if I can improve my team at all.


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