Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fantasy Football Week 6

Who's that in first place? That's right, yours truly.

Going into Monday night, I was 15 pts ahead with my opponent starting Brandon Jacobs. Luckily, the Giants decided to use Droughns & Ward at the goalline instead of Jacobs. The other team in first place was up by 4 with his opponent starting Alge Crumpler & Warrick Dunn. Of course, they scored 4 pts exactly to finish in a tie. But a half game lead is still a lead, and I'll take it.

I have a couple of Browns to thank for this - Derek Anderson & Jason Wright. It's still amazing that DA was available two weeks ago when he was the 6th ranked QB in our league. After last week, he's now the 3rd ranked QB, just above my other QB, Peyton Manning. Funny how I have two of the top 4 QBs in the league: one who was my number one overall pick, the other a waiver wire pickup.

Jason Wright was a last minute addition because I wasn't comfortable playing Thomas Jones against Philly. Of course, TJ finally goes off, but J. Wright still gave me good yardage & a TD, so it was only about a 2 point difference between the two. Anyways, here's the recap for the week:


Derek Anderson - He's a clear cut starter if I have anyone other than Manning on my team. I've officially got a fantasy football QB controversy.

Brian Westbrook - Came through with the yardage, here's to hoping he stays healthy.

Jason Wright
- In Jamal Lewis's absence, he's put up some good numbers in a pass-happy offense.

Joey Galloway - I hate starting WRs that are primarily big-play guys, but with so many people on a bye this week, I had too. Luckily he came through with a long TD catch this week.

Dwyane Bowe - Expected more out of him this week, but with LJ running wild & Gonzalez doing his thing, there weren't enough touches to go around.

Alex Smith - Nothing from my bye week TE, so I'll say good bye to him

Jay Feely - Other available kickers had better weeks, but I went with him anyways because I figured it'd be a high scoring game. A decent week nevertheless

Sea D - Talk about a huge disappointment. As badly as they played, these guys could have cost me the game this week. I might have to start revolving defenses after next week (I can't sit them at home against the Rams this week)


Thomas Jones - Nice to see him finally put up some numbers, but I can't trust him as a solid starter unless NYJ starts moving the ball better.

Waiver Wire

With my bye week over, it's time to stock up my roster again. I dropped A. Smith & Feely for P. Crayton & K. Brown. The only other decently ranked FA available is Derrick Ward, who is still somehow ranked in the top 10 RBs in our league. I'll let him stay because I don't really have any RBs I want to drop.

Other Notes

So as of this week, this is my roster:

QB: P. Manning, D. Anderson
RB: B. Westbrook, T. Henry, T. Jones, M. Lynch, J. Wright, S. Young
WR: R. Wayne, A. Johnson, J. Galloway, D. Bowe, P. Crayton
TE: H. Miller
K: K. Brown
D: Seattle

At QB I'm set, almost too well. It's nice to a backup like DA, but I think he's worth more because of his trade value right now. At RB I'm solid but not very secure - Westbrook is an injury away from being out for the season, and Henry might be gone in a couple of games. I'm sitting on Selvin Young in case that happens. I don't think I can upgrade at RB without weakening another position, but I'll see what offers I can muster. At WR, I badly need Andre Johnson to return. He's still ranked in the top 15 WRs in our league, and he's only played two games. Especially since the second place team is loaded at WR, I need another top WR to counter that. I'm happy with Heath Miller at TE, although one team in our league has both J. Witten & A. Gates, so I might see if I can snag one of them. Thanks to the ineptness of other owners, I now have the top kicker on my roster. Some people are still holding on to two kickers - why wouldn't you drop one for the best kicker in the league right now? Defense is a question mark now, and I might have to start playing the waiver wire each week. But for my fantasy D, I'm not looking for them to win me games - just don't lose them.


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