Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fantasy Football Week 4

I only scored 60 points this week. Yet it was somehow enough to win and go to 3-1 on the season.

Amazingly, my opponent had a worse week than I did. Going into Monday night he had only 35 points. But with Ben Watson & TJ Housh playing, he definitely had the chance to pass me. Housh did his part, but Watson did absolutely nothing, and I squeaked out the victory.

I've got Westbrook on a bye this week, and then half my team is on a bye the following week, so getting this victory was huge for me. If I can get to Week 6 with a 4-1 record then I should be OK. I do have the most points in the league right now, but only 4 over the second place team, the guy who beat me with S. Smith, Moss, & C. Johnson, so I really hope to steal these next two games. If not, I have a feeling that he'll have an edge on any tiebreakers if it gets to that point, which I hope it doesn't.


Peyton Manning - He saved my team this week. Despite Addai running wild, he was able to find a way to get 3 TDs plus a rare goaline TD of his own. He may not be the top QB this year, which is what you kinda expect when he's your top choice, but I really can't be too disappointed with his play this year, although I would definitely like to see more yardage.

Brian Westbrook - Nice goose egg from him. Can't score if you don't play. Even though he was a gametime decision, I should have followed his injury more closely instead of just making him an automatic start.

Marshawn Lynch - I figured he'd get at least 100 and a TD in this game, so I started him over Travis Henry, who I didn't think was going to do that well against the Colts. He didn't get the yardage, but nevertheless, he gave almost a point more than Henry would have

Reggie Wayne - At least he scored, but outside of Week 1, he's been a disappointment so far. Maybe with Marvin Harrison's injury he'll step it up

Joey Galloway
- He runs hot & cold and this week he was ice cold. 1 catch for 7 yards? It didn't help me that TB jumped out to an early lead, so they weren't forced to pass it that much. I debated Galloway vs Evans all week, and had I paid attention to the fact that Delhomme wasn't playing, I may have made a different decision.

Heath Miller
- Still putting up decent yards for a TE, and I think he had a TD that was called off. As long as he's an active target, he's my starter.

Jeff Reed - Not a good week for my kicker. Didn't quite expect the Cards' D to be that dominant, keeping them out of FG range.

Minn D - I have to take a long look at this team to see if I want to keep starting them. They're still the top D in our league but they've been horrible the last 2 games. I know I won't be starting them this week, since they're on a bye.


Travis Henry - I didn't think he'd do well because of what happened against Jacksonville the week before. I thought that Indy would start out hot at home, and that the running game would struggle for most of the game. I now know never to doubt Travis Henry, although word is that he's banged up this week. That sucks for me, because Westbrook is on a bye.

Lee Evans - Finally some signs of life from a disappointing receiver. I'm still not confident playing him yet, and it'll depend on his matchup vs. Galloway's matchup, unless....

Andre Johnson - Please come back Andre. I need you. I miss you.

Sea D - Missed a HUGE game by this defense. I'm still not sure how I feel about this team, but they're the 3rd ranked D in our league. I have to start them this week against Pitt. That should be interesting.

Waiver Wire

I still need to get a new backup QB, as Leinart is pretty much worthless right now. Manning's on a bye after this week so I need to make a decision soon. Delhomme was looking decent until he got injured, and he goes up against the Cards in Week 6. I'll also be dropping Ladell Betts soon, because the Week 6 bye leaves me without Manning, Wayne, Henry, Lynch, Evans, Miller, and Reed. A bye week replacement is more important than holding onto my 5th RB who's not even a starter anyways.


At October 3, 2007 at 6:43 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Instead of getting rid of Betts altogether, see if you can trade him to someone. With portis out for a few weeks, there will be some takers for sure.


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