Monday, May 21, 2007

Home Game No. 4

We played our 4th home game last night - a whopping 4 players showed up, two of which lived there (my girlfriend and I). But, our poker games are intended to be social events, and even with 4 players, we were all able to have a good time. I had a good time of course, since I took 1st and the big $40 prize pool (although I did allow my girlfriend to keep her buyin). I even flopped four aces at one point - I've done that online but I think that was a first in a live game for me.

I think the live games will pick up once the weather improves and we can actually run two tables out on the patio. I know that sounds funny, considering we can't even fill one table, but I think people will be more apt to come out to play poker on a sunny Sunday afternoon than they would on a dreary Sunday evening.

One byproduct of our home games has been my girlfriend's growing interest in poker. Not only has she improved her poker skills (in only three games), but she seems actually enjoy it too. I don't feel as guilty anymore when I try to change the channel to watch poker on TV because she likes watching it sometimes too. And although I can't see her wanting to play online or at a cardroom here, I'm thrilled that she wants to play the home games. Plus, I do feel like her shared interest in poker helps me feel better about my playing habits. I do still try to play during times when she has something else going on, but it also helps to know that she can understand the enjoyment I take from playing poker.

I know, this is a pretty sappy post, but I don't have much else to report. I've been cranking out some of the micro SnGs, with not much success or failure, just breakeven. One thing that I found rediculous is that in one of the SnGs, a $2.25 one, there was a player at the table named Saint_AA. Overall, his Sharkscope statistics were less than impressive, and he was a total douchebag at the table. From his first comment of "Who wants to go all in 1st hand?", you could tell this guy was a donkey & a half. He was playing rediculous cards out of position, and got some lucky flops, but when he proudly showed his K7o from UTG, which won a pot on a K high flop, I knew I could take this guy out. Sure enough, I doubled through him when I pushed KTo when he lead out on a K67 flop. He ended up calling with K8o from the BB, then calls me "lucky". I try to explain how dominated he was on that hand, but he fails to see how a T over an 8 was "dominating" (I guess three outs is still a lot in his mind). Anyways, I mention this because, as I was watching Hoy during the FTOPS Main Event, who do I see finished in 150th-ish place? Sure enough, the same donk.

Man, the things I could do if only I had enough funds!

Anyways, I might try to grab a token and play the MATH tonight. I seem to have decent success at the $6.60 6-max token SnGs. I think I've scored a token in about 25-30% of the ones I've played, and at least cash 2nd in about 50-55%. I do have some crazy hands to post, from the same game, which I'll probably do when I get home.


At May 22, 2007 at 8:28 AM, Blogger wacarra said...

You forgot to mention that I came in second place... way to under value my achievements as a poker player... :)


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