Monday, April 02, 2007

Token Upgrade

There isn't any rhyme or reason to how I'm using my last couple of tokens. The idea was to use them all on tournaments, but I guess the itch got to me again, and I decided to instead use on on a Tier 2, two table SnG, with the top 5 getting $75 tokens, and approx $50 cash to 6th place. I've got a couple of hours to kill with a 33% chance (not accounting for skill) of winning something, so I hop in.

I lost some of my stack early when I checked in the BB with 4 limpers holding KQd. Flop comes AK4. SB bets 40, I call, everyone else folds. Turn is an 8, check-check. River is an 8 and he bets out 200. I figure him for a steal and call, he flips over A6.

A couple hands later I have Q5 in the BB and it checks to me. Flop comes Q43 and I lead out for 100. MP limper raises to 650 and I let it go. Drops me down to about T960.

Steal some blinds to get back up to around the starting stack, then I get moved to another table. A couple of hands in and I get A6h in the BB. A big stack min-raises from UTG (table is shorthanded at about 6 right now) and I call. Flop comes J98, two hearts. He bets 3\4 pot, I push, he folds.

I notice this guy keeps raising nearly every hand, and when someone pushed on him with AQ, he calles with 74h. No suckout for him, and he starts pushing every hand. I wait for my chance, which happens to be 99 in the small blind. Oddly, on this hand he just limps UTG. Normally, I'd just limp call with this, afraid that he's changed his style now that he has a monster, but I'm trying to be more aggressive. Plus, I have him covered, and I don't put him on a monster but rather limping to see a flop, so I raise it to 600. He pushes for 600 more, I call, and I have him dominated with 99 vs 96s. This puts me up to around T3200.

Sitting in 2nd place, we drop down to one table shortly thereafter. I hold my ground and steal some blinds when I wake up with AA in MP. UTG and +1 limp for 200, I repop to 1000. Only UTG calls. Flop is TOO perfect: A66. We check the flop and turn, river completes a flush. He moves all in and his bluff with Q9c is no good.

We get down to the bubble (money bubble, not token bubble) and play tightens up. I use my stack to steal some blinds and keep the short stacks short. Right after the first break, a player named "thorro" moves in UTG for 1800. Next to act, I call with QQ and it holds up. We keep going until a shortstack moves in for 540 at the 200\400 level. We get four callers, and I take out his QQ with 44 on an AK8K4 board.

So I'm still sitting on 3 tokens, but now one is a $75 token. I'm hoping to use these within the next week or so. In the event that I'm actually able to score some decent cash, I'd like to withdraw it in time to use for my upcoming vacation to Monterey Bay, CA. Wish me luck...


At April 3, 2007 at 9:49 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

Why not use the $75 token in the upcoming "Blogger Big Game," hosted by Miami Don...

...oh and nice job.

At April 3, 2007 at 11:01 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

What's in Monterey?


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