Friday, April 13, 2007

The $50 Encore Challenge

I ran out of tokens. That means my 3-month hiatus starts. Or does it?

I won't discuss how I blew through my tokens in great detail. I ended up the $13k, $69 token tourney in 109\380 or so. I couldn't make anything happen - no action on my big pairs, pulled off a couple reraises to steal, but never got over 5500 (considering it was a double stack tourney, not too good. This was fine to start with, but when the blinds were escalating, I couldn't find a hand to push; either I was out of position with a crap hand, or in position with a pushable hand but already facing a raise or a push. I pushed the first hand in level 3 with KJ in the SB and ran into AJ. GG me.

I used the last token on a PLO tournament. Again, a DS tournament, I chipped up early to about 6800, then lost a bunch of chips when I chased am OESD & flush draw against trips. I went out about midway when I reraised with QQ on a KKJ flop, only to lose to a turned nut flush. At least I was correct in knowing I was ahead on that flop.


So the plan was to take a hiatus from online poker. Which I haven't. I cashed out most of my balance (which included a small profit), leaving $5.50 behind in case of emergency. However, I've been donking around with that $5.50 in the micro SnGs, and lo and behold I've doubled it up. The idea was that it was going to be for an emergency, and I think I finally found one:

My GF and I are going on a road trip to CA in a week, and I need an adapter for my CD player. It has an USB port for my iPod, but it scrambles all the songs and basically plays them in random. For $49.95, I can get an adapter that allows me to play directly from my iPod in the order that they're organized. Had I planned better, I could've saved about $15 and got one from eBay, but it's too late.

So, I'm starting the $50 Encore Challenge. I'm going to donk it up in the $1.25 SnGs tonight and see if I can earn that $50 for an adapter. Playing these SnGs reminds me of playing on Party Poker - the players are absolutely atrocious. Of course, this means two things:

1. You can overbet your hands and get their chips quickly
2. You also have to deal with getting sucked out on when they call your 88 push with QTo, stating that "they knew you were on a midpair". Wait, so you want to put all of your chips at risk when you know you're on the ass end of a coinflip? Awesome!

Anyways, so that's the challenge tonight. I might try to do some live blogging, in preparation for another gig I might have. More on that some other time.


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