Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who's The Stud? (Or, How JJ Became My Most Hated Hand Again)

So it's not much, but at least I can claim a win at a blogger game.

The Mookie tonight wasn't as good to me. I'll be seeing JJ in my sleep tonight. Couldn't get any action on my big pairs, stole a couple of blinds, but not much action unless JJ was involved.

JJ No. 1 - I got JJ UTG and decided to limp. Pokerenthusiast raised to 250 and the repop was looking good, especially since he was having trouble with the live blog tonight. But TripJax reraised and ruined my plans - wasn't sure if he was on QQ or better, but with a raise and a reraise, I decided to wait for a better hand. The chips go in the middle and they've both got AK. Board is Q high and I would've tripled up. That's what I get for being crafty.

JJ No. 2 - I raise in EP with QJd, trying hoping to hit a flop. Get one caller and the flop is AJA, two hears. It goes check-check, and the turn is 7s. I bet out to represent an A and I get reraised. Got to lay it down, and the other guy shows JJ. Balls!

JJ No. 3 - very next hand,pokerenthusiast raises to 300 and I push for 700something with AQ. He calls guessed it, and IGHN.

The Stud game was another story. I won't go through the hand history, but I stuck to a pretty simple formula - complete when in good position, only play draws if there's no completion unless they're huge draws, only chase them if they're cheap, and bet aggressively. I don't really know how good a strategy this really is, but it seems to work for me well. When I lose at Stud, it's either due to one of two reasons - I overplay a hand against a well concealed stronger hand, or I get brutally sucked out on. Luckily, neither of those occured tonight, and I was able to take down my first (but hopefully not last) blogger game.


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