Thursday, February 08, 2007

Calling It Quits

Before you start to read this, make sure to catch my Hammer Day post right below.

I think the time has finally come to put my online poker playing on hiatus, or at least until the day arrives where I don't have to sacrifice my kidney or calculate Pi to 362 decimal points just to deposit or cash out.

I've been playing pretty steadily the past couple of weeks, mostly $5 SnGs. I've hit a rough spot the past couple of days and haven't cashed in 5 straight games, including the Hammer Day event. I got dealt KK in the BB on the second hand and raised it up 5x. All 4 limpers call, of course. The flop is all spades, 6J8. I bet out about 1\3 of the pot and get one caller. I check it down incase I'm up against a flush already and I lose when mister 57o catches his straight on the river. Judging the way he played the rest of the tourney, I don't think I was pushing him off this hand at any point.

Anyways, the point is this: cashing out for me will be extremely difficult. All my funds are on Full Tilt right now and it looks like it will be tough to get them out of there. Because of my limited bankroll, the most likely option will be paper check and that's gonna require jumping through some hoops, which will be difficult anyways because I'm a man of girth.

Right now I'm sitting on approximately $80 and a $26 token. I'll probably hold on to some money to play a couple of Mookie's before I bow out, but my emphasis is going to be playing MTTs until I dry up. I might try a couple satellites into the FTOPS just for the hell of it.

This decision isn't for sure but it's where my head is at right now. I've increasingly become resigned to the fact that online poker is fading pretty fast right now. I am working on starting some home games soon and will probably transition out to playing at some of the card rooms in the Seattle area on occasion, so I'll still be out there playing. But for right now I just don't see the point of continuing to play unless I've got some considerable funds to cash out. I'm just tired of donking around on $5 games to steadily build a weakass bankroll that I may or may not have access to at any given point in the near future.

I do intend to keep this blog updated with whatever content I can. I appreciate everyone who's stopped by here to see what I've read and I hope you continue to do so.


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