Monday, December 15, 2008

WPBT Weekend Recap

As I imagine most of you know, this weekend was the WPBT gathering in Vegas. This post is not my recap of what happened there since I didn't go. But I don't see any reason why I can't do a recap of what happened to me this past weekend either.

First, fantasy football recap. I'll make it short & sweet.

Fuck fantasy football.

I lost in Skidoo's league, which I pretty much expected when two of my starting WRs were pickups from the waiver wire. Despite being the 2nd seed, I still ended up against the leading scorer in the league, and he dismantled me accordingly. I've still got a shot at 3rd place money, so we'll see how that goes. Good luck to MHG this upcoming weekend as he battles Memphis Mojo for the title.

In my other league, I think I need to win out to cash. My trade of Westbrook for Boldin completely backfired. I traded Westbrook because he was playing hurt and had an unfavorable schedule for the majority of the last 5 games. Boldin was playing amazing, putting up RB like numbers each week. Since the trade, Boldin hasn't given me a single week with double digit numbers. Westbrook, OTOH, put up back to back 30pt weeks. Call me crazy for trading a top RB while I was still sitting at the top, but I saw a chance to separate myself from the pack so I pulled the trigger. Well, looks like I separated myself alright, just not in the direction I wanted to go.

More importantly, since this is a poker blog, poker news!

1. I missed the PokerStars Blogger game today. Wanted to play too, since it was PLO. Alas, I couldn't wake up in time to make the 11am start time. Tomorrow's game starts at 4pm my time so I can probably swing that one.

2. Speaking of PokerStars...I'm hesitant to make a formal declaration since I don't know how long it will last, but as of today, I am back to playing online! My original intent was, as a Christmas gift to myself, to play another tournament at the local card room where I cashed last time. However, when I was checking out the Blogger game, I noticed in the cashier that the minimum to deposit via check was $25. The live game was $30, not to mention maybe another $20-$40 while I waited at the Pai Gow table. Being on such a limited income right now, the choice was easy.

Anyways, I'm not ready to declare my return, as my bankroll was up then nearly almost gone until I took down a two-table SNG to bring me almost back to even. If I can wade through this field of donkeys I'm up against right now (currently 9 of 78 in a $4 20-table game) then I'll feel a bit better.

3. Finally, the girlfriend and I celebrated our Christmas on Saturday night since we'll be in California with her family on the actual date. I woke up from a nap that afternoon to find a huge present near the tree (so big it was wrapped in a bed sheet). When we finally open gifts, I unraveled the sheet to find...a brand new, folding, 10-person poker table!

I already had a table, but it was one of those piece of shit octagonal table top ones, good enough in a pinch but quickly falling apart and becoming useless, so much so that I didn't even host a single game this year because I didn't want to play on it. Now that I have a table I'm not ashamed of, I can start inviting people over to give me their money again!

So MHG, Joshua, Cayne (if you're still alive), Zeem, Mr. & Mrs. Chako, and anyone else in the Seattle area (maybe even some of you BC folk one day?), consider yourself on notice: I'll be sending out an invite for a home game at humble little apartment sometime in the near future.


At December 15, 2008 at 11:42 PM, Blogger MHG said...

Thanks for the good luck vibes, I'll need it against that Mojo guy--his team is stacked.

I overslept today's freeroll, too, and I went to bed at midnight ><

Looking forward to the home game!

At December 16, 2008 at 8:36 AM, Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

I'll need all my MOJO working to handle MHG. It should be a good matchup.

GL to you in your match for 3rd.

At December 16, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Blogger Shrike said...

I'd be interested in coming down with Fuel and/or Schaubs too!



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