Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bits & Pieces

I wish I had more to talk about after being away from my blog, or any blog for that matter, for the past couple of days, but I haven't played much poker since Wednesday either. But that's never stopped a poker blogger from his\her duties before, so why should it now?

First, thanks to all that commented on my last couple of posts. I rarely find enough hands at these $5 stakes that make me pause & think about my game, so I'm glad I was able to get some good discussion in, even if it was about how I misplayed my hand. I'd rather talk about the hands that I played wrong then spend time bragging about hands that I won or big pots that I sucked out on.

I didn't have any school on Wednesday so I was able to donk around in the Mook and somehow found my way to the final table. Wasn't anything fancy - just lucky enough to get KK against QQ, then AA against a shorty's AQ & someone else's KK to propel my stack. From there it was just stealin & stealin some more. Resucked against a shorty with 88 against A7 - he flops trips, I river a boat, and that kept me in the top 4 for most of the pre-bubble\bubble period.

I was in 4th place at the start of the final table when I get JJ UTG on the first hand. Raise it up as I should when LJ pushes from MP. I didn't quite instacall but I didn't quite take my time either. I somehow found a reason to call and luckily ended up on the good side of a coin flip against AK - folding would've left me about 20BB after going through the blinds so I certainly could have folded. I figured I was more likely ahead of a flip or a smaller pair than I was against QQ-AA, although I'm not completely sure how I came to that decision in such a short period of time. I made the call, taking a chance at amassing a big stack & taking out one of the best players at the table. LJ shows AK & I'm already dreaming of the Down Under. The A on the flop had other plans, so I collected my $12 net and went home instead.

Not much to say about Fantasy Football, other than I'm on a two-game losing streak. Last week I was no match for Tom Brady, and this week I made a couple of questionable decisions that cost me a victory. Let's just say that Joey Galloway won't be leaving my bench for the rest of the year. Luckily, I'm still in first, but only by 1 game with a crucial two-game stretch against two hot teams right now, one of which is the second place team. Victories in the next two weeks would not just get me into the money, but also create separation against the pack for first place & the $400 prize.

Between school & OT this week I won't find much time to play or catch up on blogs, but I'll see what I can do. Congrats to Fuel for a nice showing at the BCPC, and good luck to all this week.


At November 27, 2007 at 9:09 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I wanted to be "all" instead of "that". Dammit. Waffles, you suck for commenting before me (I assume this was in comment order).


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