Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Insert Lame Cliche Here

It's sudden death.
Do or die.

mclarich 1
cmitch 1

I hope cmitch seconds me when I say it's been a tough but enjoyable battle. If it wasn't for a disasterous 5c on the river, I'd be facing Lucko21 in the Final Four. Anyways, we're gonna try to wrap this bitch up tomorrow (we stopped so cmitch could focus on the $24k, where he in 8th out of 89 left - glglgl!)

So you want a recap? I thought you'd never ask.

Game 1

Chip up very early on when I turn trip 4s, but can't get cmitch to call my reraise on the river with what he says was two pair. Any card other than an Ace gets me a decent pot.

We even back up when cmitch pulls a good move against me. I limp call preflop with pocket 8s, hoping to set up a big hand. He leads out on the 9 high flop for just about the pot. With two diamonds, he could have hit this flop, he could've already been ahead with a bigger pocket pair, or he could just be on a draw. I make a mistake and just call. Board pairs a deuce and he leads out for 2\3rds pot. I decide I'm behind with less outs and I fold. He shows 47o for the bluff. Should've reraised the flop to find out where I'm at.

I go on a bit of a streak from here with a couple of well timed check-raises. I flop top pair with Q2, get a check raise in on the turn and take the pot when the flush doesn't hit. Check down top pair to the river, which turns into trips, and cmitch must not have an ace as he folds.

This gets me to about 2200 when we finish it up. After a raise, cmitch bets half his stack on an A high flop. I put him in with AK, he calls with a flush draw that doesn't hit, and I take the lead, 1-0.

Game 2

Game 2 starts off slow when I c-bet with nothing but J-high. When cmitch called, I gave up on the hand and let him take the pot on the river.

Drop all the way down to about 1150 with a bunch of 2nd best hands and, but work it back up to even when K8 holds against K2.

We go back & forth for about 15 hands when I finally take a decent lead when I make top pair with A6. From there I built up my lead to 500 when the hand of the night occurs.

Limping with A3d, I hit top two pair on A32, two club flop. I bet 1\2 pot, cmitch min raises. I repop to 420 thinking I have to be good here. He pushes with Ac8c, a little bit more behind than he probably thought. This is where the 5c on the river saves his ass & cripples mine.

I double up pretty quickly, but he's still ahead by about 2-1, and I just can't recover.

To be concluded....tomorrow.


At September 13, 2007 at 7:40 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Good luck man. I lost track of who I'm supposed to play at this point. I'm just gonna wait till Fuel tells me who I need to play. See you at the Finals.

At September 13, 2007 at 9:07 AM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Good luck!


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