Friday, September 14, 2007

Moving On

mclarich 2, cmitch 1

The last game was another back & forth battle. Started off strong with trips & 2 pair in my first two hands, but drop down a bit when I have to fold 3rd pair to a bet on the river. Get back to even when we get the first big hand of the night.

Limp in with the JackAce and see an AA7 flop. cmitch bets & I reraise 3x. At this point, I actually felt like he might have the other Ace. Turn is a T and we both check it. I checked the turn hoping to make it seem like my raise was a steal, to induce a good size bet on the river. River is a K and he bets out about 1\2 pot. I was hoping for a bigger bet, so if he has the A, he must be worried about the kicker. I reraise again 3x and he calls, showing A8. This puts me close to a 2-1 lead.

We get back to even when I call his minraise with 89c. Flop comes 864 rainbow, and I don't want to get crazy here with TP9K, so I call his 1\2 pot bet on the flop & when the 5 hits the turn. River is a 2 and I lead out with too small of a bet, and he comes over the top. I can't call, and he says he had 87h for top pair with mega-draws.

I try to start making some moves and check-raise some flops that I think didn't hit him, but when he moves all in, I gotta fold. I start getting a little tilted, even making calls with nothing but Q-high, thinking I'm catching some bluffs when I'm just calling his value-bets.

Drop down to about 1k when I finally get some good hands, AA & KK. Of course, he folds preflop to them.

Then I take the lead with a bullshit hand that I had no business playing, but I thought that I'd try to represent a strong hand for once, since I wasn't getting anything to play with.

I raise it up with the almighty 37o and get a call. Flop comes A high, all hearts. I do have the 7h incase I need it. I try to represent the A but he calls my 2\3rds pot bet. Turn is an 8h and I check my weak flush. River is a Q and he checks it to me. There's a chance he has a flush, but if he called with a heart, I don't see why he's relying on me to put chips in the pot. I bet out 350, with the idea that I'll fold to any resistance. He calls, showing A8 for 2 pair. This vaults me to a 600 chip lead.

I build another stack when I call his raise with Q9. I flop top pair but we both check the flop. When the turn pairs the board, I check-raise him thinking that I'm good, and it turns out I was.

It finally ends a couple hands later when I limp with KQs. Flop comes Q high and he bets out. I check raise, hoping he sees it as a steal attempt and comes over the top. Instead, he just smooth calls. Turn is a harmless 6 and I bet 2\3rds his stack. He pushes and shows Q2. My hand holds up & I'm off to the Final Four.

It was a great heads up match, and I really enjoyed going up against another blogger I wasn't really familiar with. Next up is blogger that I'm a little more familiar with - RecessRampage.


At September 14, 2007 at 8:27 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Wait... so we play? I thought you were going up against Lucko... I'm so confused as to who plays who at this point...

I know, I know... I can go check the bracket myself. So I'm lazy.

At September 14, 2007 at 12:04 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

Very good game and well played. I got worked. :)

GL in the next round - whoever you are playing against.

At September 14, 2007 at 1:02 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Congrats on gettin' past CMitch... good luck with Alan.

So I'm actually gonna do that Treasure's tourney after work this evening. (I'm sure I'll see you there next Friday as well.) Thanks for turning me onto it! Sounds like a great structure, I'm lookin' for to the game. We will be in touch next week.


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