Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fantasy Football Week 2

I got crushed this week, big time, and it's not even because I had a bad week. It's because I went up against a team that had both Chad Johnson & Steve Smith. Those two alone have almost outscored my whole team. Even if I played my top scorers at each position, I don't think I would've one. As it stands right now, I need Brian Westbrook to amass 250 yards & 5 TDs just to tie. But, you take the good with the bad, so here's the recap.


Peyton Manning - the Titans usually play the Colts pretty well, so his numbers aren't too far off from what I'd expect. Would've liked to see another TD in there, preferably to Wayne.

Brian Westbrook
- numbers still pending, but don't really matter

Travis Henry
- Once again, got the yards, just not the TDs. Again, Cutler had two turnovers, not including the fumble that was recovered. Plus, it looks like Henry may get some goal line carries taken away by C. Sapp or S. Young. At least for right now, he's an automatic start thanks to some brutal matchups for my backups, but in a couple weeks, I may have to reconsider him as a starter

Reggie Wayne - As Manning falters, so does Wayne. I usually hate to start more than one player from a team - to use an investing term, I like to "diversify my portfolio" when it comes to FF. Hopefully, the good weeks will outweigh the bad, and I won't have to run into a 65 pt outburst from my opponent every week.

Andre Johnson - I'll say it right now - if I win this season, Andre will be my MVP. I really expected good things to happen with him this year, and it looks like this might be the year he jumps to be a Top 5 WR.

Heath Miller - TEs are hit & miss; the consolation is that he didn't make or break my team this week

Neil Rackers - A nice 13 point outing from my kicker. There's still some better kickers on the waiver wire, but the difference between them & Rackers is so small, it's not worth the change until bye week hits

Seattle D - I chose them over Minnesota because I thought that AZ would have a harder time going off against Seattle then Detroit would have against MN. Unfortunately, SEA really didn't force any turnovers, so they scored about 1 point for me.


RBs - Thomas Jones & Marshawn Lynch stayed on the bench like they deserved to this week.

Joey Galloway
- I doubt that many others would have started him over Wayne or AJ, and at least it's comforting to know that if I did start him over Wayne, it wouldn't have made a difference. One thing I hate though is having 3-4 possible starting receivers, because it often become such a passing game. Yeah, I figured Galloway would have a good game against NO's defense, but enough to warrant a start over Wayne? I'd almost prefer to not have the depth and just take my chances with two clear-cut starters, but I'm sure the depth will be handy later on in the season.

Minn D
- I should probably start these guys each week from now on. Not only did they hold the offensive juggernaut that it the Detroit Lions to 20 points, they also forced several turnovers, including one that became a TD. Also, I failed to remember that Seattle's D is much less effective on the road, where they don't have that crazy deafening home-field advantage working for them.

Waiver Wire

No one worth picking up. Derek Anderson & Jake Delhomme are Top 5 QBs in my league right now, but I'm not ready to drop Leinart as a backup just yet. Top RBs available are Derrick Ward & DeShawn Wynn; thanks, but I'll pass. Jeff Reed is the top kicker, and it might be worth it drop Rackers for him, since Rackers is up against Baltimore next week, while Reed is up against SF. Something for me to consider.


At September 17, 2007 at 1:23 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

My Fantasy team is in trouble already.. my RBs are Larry Johnson and Reggie Bush... I scored 11 points combined with 3 RBs last week.. ug..

Did I choose badly? I dunno. I need a viable 3rd or 1st or 2nd.. TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH.. So I picked up Chester Taylor hoping he might come back as a good 3rd.. I also have Brandon Jacobs..

On the good side my kicker scored big, I swapped in Dallas this week over San Diego.. Yay me! All of my WR's scored GREAT: Colston, Galloway, Houshmandzadeh, and Kellen Winslow! Woot!

I think I am doomed though. I may actually win this week.. 94 points.. against #1 in the league 115 points.. with Donovan McNabb holding my hopes in his hands..

At September 18, 2007 at 1:41 PM, Anonymous doubleup chump said...

Remember when I said, "You write. I read."? Well, that doesn't include fantasy football posts.

At September 21, 2007 at 8:13 AM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

So... hope to see ya at the Treasure at 6:30. I'll be headed there after work myself, as I enjoyed it last week.


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