Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 Goals Update

A month into a new year is a good time to revisit yearly goals, I suppose. Not that I've really made much progress on any of them. Truth is, this should probably be my shortest post of the year.

Goal 1: Build my bankroll up to $2k.

Grade: D

I've been unsure how to measure this goal - should it be based on progress over a period of time, or just the end result by a particular deadline? I graded myself a D because I spent too much time at the cash games trying to clear a bonus, ultimately losing more money than I got back in the bonus. A recent streak of cashes in SNGs over the past couple of nights has helped my bankroll get back up to where it was at before. I'm still quite a ways away from my goal, but getting there will be difficult if I don't stick to the games that I play the best in.

Goal 2: Read all of my poker books

Grade: D

I started HOH2 over again because I stopped after the first time. I haven't made it past the same section yet, and I haven't picked it up in a while. Part of this I blame on my schedule lately - what free time I've had I've preferred to use it playing instead of reading.

Goal 3: Win a Mookie

Grade: F

In two games, I haven't even sniffed a final table. I shamefully blew up in one game, and donked off my chips to an overpair in another. Mookies will probably be on hold for several months until I finish school.

Goal 4: Win an MTT with over 300 players

Grade: F

I haven't even played one yet. Got close to a FT in an PLO game a couple of weeks back, but there were only about 150 people in there. Again, another goal that is dependent on other things right now (bankroll, time, etc.)

Goal 5: Become a more visible blogger

Grade: C-

Meeting several bloggers in real life is a good start. So is getting on Hoy's blogroll. I could always just shamefully link up bloggers to drive traffic to my blog, but that's kind of embarrassing. Inability to comment on other people's blogs from work will always be a deterrent, as will my absence from blogger games. And one of these days, I will be free to accept one of IT's IM invitations to chat with others, but he always catches me when I'm unavailable. For now, I'll have to make due with my fringe-lurker status, or at least start posting more relevant poker-related posts.

I have the intention of stepping up my efforts to achieving each of these goals, but figuring out a way to execute them & determining the overall importance of these goals vs. other priorities is the challenge. Unlike last year, my attitude is great, but dedication, motivation, and determination still need a good kick in the rear. It's still early in the year, plenty of time to achieve my goals, but I'm not yet in the position I need to be to truly have a chance at accomplishing many of them.

To be continued...


At February 13, 2008 at 11:58 PM, Blogger jjok said...

#5...I'm in the same boat. I just try every night to hit up folks that I know have had good posts recently and leave a comment to say that I'm still around.

Whether they come over is up to them at that point.

Good luck in righting your ship....

At February 14, 2008 at 5:34 PM, Blogger meanhappyguy said...

In efforts to build up your bankroll, might I suggest heading up to Aurora and 95th on a Saturday or Sunday morning at 3:30am and earning it like the rest of us--the hard way.

At February 14, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Blogger Lategreatjc said...

There is a reason why I always put lunch on my goals. I always get an "A" for having lunch. MMM lunch! You got to have some goals that will bring the average up!


At February 17, 2008 at 2:35 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Ahh ... we're only about seven weeks into the new year. Time to get serious about goals now?

I made no poker goals for myself for 2008. I report that I am doing fine ... lol

At February 19, 2008 at 10:23 AM, Blogger lj said...

i am horrible at updating my blogroll and it's woefully overdue, but i promise when i update you'll be on there. :-)


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