Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back In Business

I'm back, and so far so good.

I've played 3 games since I got my bankroll back; a $3 Turbo Knockout DS Multi-Table SNG, and two $5 SNG. The KO SNG was a failure when someone decided that limping in EP with 58 sooted, then calling a preflop raise (I had QQ) with a caller behind me, then calling a pot-sized push & call OOP with just an 8 high flush draw was a good move. Or maybe he just knew the Qd would hit on the turn. I missed my redraws to a boat & he gets an addt'l $.50. Congrats, douchebag.

The $5 SNGs were much better - didn't just cash, took both of those bitches down. I'm trying to approach these games more analytically. I may not find higher-level thinking players in these games, but just by improved observation & better strategic thinking, I should be able to increase my cash & win rates in these games. I'm not saying I'm forecasting future progress just because I took down two SNGs in a row, but I do think that these victories are partially due to having a different outlook on these games.

Anyways, enough talk about winning $5 SNGs. Pretty soon, this'll start to sound like a brag post, and I'm sure the analogy between internet fighting & the Special Olympics probably applies to bragging about $5 SNG victories. So I digress.


Caught most of the Mookie FT last night. I remained a lurker rather than a chatter since I really didn't know anyone at the final table (I usually limit my railbirding to those I've chatted with outside of blog posts & comments). Mookie vs Hoy would've been epic. I think one of these guys gets a victory this year, but a HU battle for the prop bet would've been fitting. Alas, it was not meant to be. Congrats to NumbBono for the victory, the same guy who knocked me out of my first Mookie (sadly, I've played in so few of them that I can remember details about most of them).


Lastly, it looks like a idea of mine is finally coming to fruition. Back in Nov, I started floating the idea of a Seattle Blogger home game. I've been running home games off & on at my apartment but it mostly consisted of friends who only had a small amount of poker experience. Rather than take a chance on a home game full of strangers, why not start my own home game and invite internet strangers! After much delay, it looks like we'll be running our first game sometime in February (the exact date is still TBD). Here's the lineup:



Seattle John


The Wife


(hopefully) zeem

I imagine hijinks will ensue, and you can count on a full report on this blog when they do.


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