Monday, July 16, 2007

This Post Pretty Much Sucks

Not a whole lot of poker this weekend. Despite a limited bankroll, I decided to step up the stakes and play at the $10 SNG level. I don't notice a whole lot of difference in play between $5 and $10. I couldn't get things going though and proceeded to lose 6 straight games. Keep in mind, I haven't lost 6 straight in months. I just kept running into bigger hands or suckouts. 55 into 99. AQ into AK. JJ into 99 on a 9 high board. But I stuck with my plan, even though my bankroll was down to two buyins at this level, and finally sucked out a victory in my last game before bedtime. My bankroll still needs some more work, so I should jump back down to the $5 games, but it's hard knowing that I can play higher stakes but just can't afford too.

Just some thoughts about the Main Event. Pauly has a great story up abot Scotty Nguyen, and it makes me wish even more that he made the final table. Love him or hate him, you have to respect A) with four bracelets, the brotha has skill and B) it would've made the final table fun to watch again, unlike last year's.

When I'm watching a sporting event that I don't have any personal stake in, I tend to root for the underdog. There's just something more compelling about someone or some team overcoming the adversity of being picked to lose that I find interesting. But in poker, it's completely the opposite. I want the favorites to win. I root for the pros over the hotshot online pros or lucky internet qualifiers. This year, I want to see Lee Watkinson take this thing down.

I've seen him on TV a couple of times, and to most observers, he's probably boring. I'm sure ESPN would prefer someone like Matusow or Negreanu, but I like watching Watkinson play. He's quite, unassuming, but he has mad poker skills, and there's something about watching him stacking his chips, taking out player after player, without saying hardly a word.

Plus, I'm really hoping a pro takes it down. I was rooting for Allen Cunningham last year, and Watkinson this year. I think it adds some additional legitimacy to this game when a pro can take down a tournament like this. I'm sure everyone at that table has sucked out many times during the tournament, but I think it's a more compelling story that someone who makes a living playing poker wins the ME. I think there's a couple more professionals at the final table who don't have the history of success that Watkinson does, maybe some online pros or cash game players. But IMO, the ME needs a big name pro to win to help restore some prestige that's been lost from players like Gold, Moneymaker, and Varkonyi winning the title.

My focus this week is going to be on building my bankroll back up, via $5 SNGs, maybe a couple of $10 ones. I'll probably stay away from MTTs and blogger games for this week. GL to everyone this week.


At July 17, 2007 at 5:49 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Watkinson is a huge donk. Who pushes with A7o at the final table of the WSOP? A pro? What a moron. I am glad he is gone. Go Yang!!


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