Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's been a great week as The Mookie Champ but all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow, the crown gets passed to some other donk who's lucky enough to get something like three AA, one KK, and an AK at the final table and get paid off on the majority of them.

School & other obligations will prevent me from playing most of the BBT3 events. I really wanted to play the Stud Hi game tonight, even though I'm probably at a disadvantage because I actually know a little bit about the game. The turnouts have been amazing and I hope I can squeeze a couple of games in somewhere.

FWIW, I have to completely agree with Alan's post today about his thoughts on the Scott Fischman issue from the Big Game. Perhaps it's easier for me to have this opinion since I wasn't even in the game & didn't get busted because of his maniacal play, but I don't see what the issue is. I'm not necessarily defending Fischman's play, but the way I see it:

1. If you got the chips in with the best hand & got sucked out on, well, you should be used to this by now. It's better than getting them in when you're dominated. Fischman was on an incredibly sick run & got lucky several times, but in the long run, most of us would probably want to be in that same position each & every time. I'm sure it sucks to get sucked out on in a game that has as many implications as the big game, but if the decision was correct, then you have to find solace in that.

2. I LOVE the fact that we have not just a FT pro but a WSOP Bracelet winner playing in our blogger games regularly. If the BBT3 itself wasn't enough evidence of how much of an impact this poker blog community has, then Fischman's presence has to be. I think it's awesome that I can say to my girlfriend "Remember that one guy we were watching on the Professional Poker Tour that was raising with all sorts of crazy hands? Well, he's playing the Mookie right now! And he's doing the same thing too..."

3. If you are one of the lucky 2 to win an WSOP ME seat, do you really think you're not going to see someone there playing just like Fischman? I can't find it now, but this is where I would insert a link to Lucko's post from the WSOP where his KK lost to J8 or some crap.

For some, the Big Game final table may have been the closest any of you will get to winning a TOC seat, and yes, I'd still probably be reeling from a beat like Kat took, or when Schaubs couldn't get his AA to hold up against Scott's OESD, or even the beat that someone took when Fischman flopped a flush with J fucking 3 sooted (which he minraised from middle position - UGH). But like all tilt, dwelling on it only does more harm to your poker game in the long run. Just because Fischman may not treat the bloggers games with the same sense of urgency that others might, because of what's at stake, doesn't mean he shouldn't be welcome at any of the games. We've come to expect a certain amount of donkery at these bloggers games anyways - why should Scott be exempt?

Anyways, that's enough of that. I generally hate commenting on issues, especially blogger issues, that I'm not a part of but I felt like sharing those thoughts.


So it looks like I'll be making another trip to Mecca soon, finally. And by Mecca I mean Vegas.

Sometime in May I'll be getting laid off, so what better way to spend a severance package then throwing it away in Vegas, right? In reality, I hope show some restraint, and having friends & a girlfriend who don't share the same fondness for poker and other games as I do will prevent me from spending my entire stay in Vegas at the tables. But I do intend to spend a fair amount of time playing poker, and as the plans currently look, I'll probably spend the early part of Friday, 516, doing just that.

I'll be perusing the blogs to get some info on either mid-stakes MTTs or low-limit cash games, but please feel free to offer any advice. My poker experience in Vegas is limited to $1-$2 at the Palms & $50 MTTs at the Plaza. Recommendations on places I should play instead are very much welcome.

(And yes Alan, I know about the Spearmint Rhino).


I'll try to get a post up tomorrow about the $3 KO games I've been playing. I know that these games are only of interest to those that are trying to build a bankroll from scratch - there's probably some of you that shit out more than $3 in the morning anyways. I've finished 4th, 7th & 13th in my last 3 attempts so I'll run down some hand histories to talk about how I got there. I welcome any discussion from anyone else donking around in these things like me.


At March 4, 2008 at 3:16 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Damn you stole my thunder... I was gonna tell u about the rhino. :)

And this had me laughing out loud... literally...

"Remember that one guy we were watching on the Professional Poker Tour that was raising with all sorts of crazy hands? Well, he's playing the Mookie right now! And he's doing the same thing too..."

At March 4, 2008 at 4:13 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Matt, that's not fair man... I posted about needing Vegas advice, you shouldn't be allowed to do the same! Kidding. Hope you have a great time there in May. (Oh, and, "Neener neener neener..." my trip is two months earlier!)

And I share your thoughts about Fischman's involvement in the BBT3... like Micky D's, I'm lovin' it!

And speakin' of lovin' it... I've had some great results at those $3 KO tourneys on Full Tilt! I'll look forward to your upcoming posts about the play there. I've found the play to be pretty atrocious, and it has been pretty easy to get it in with the best. I even like the scheduled $3 & $5 KO tourneys as they don't have the turbo structure that the 90seat SnGs do, (albeit they don't have the 3k starting stack either.)

Hope you're doin' well man. Take care...


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