Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adventures in Cash Games, Pt. 2

Thanks to those who commented on my last post. I agree with commentors in that I needed to bet the flop; check-calling gave me no information on whether or not my KK was good. Picking up where I left off, I took the turn check to read that he didn’t have a J, so I bet $45 on the river (less than commentors suggested) hoping to get paid off with AT & KT type hands. BB called and showed QQ instead.

Here’s another hand. Feel free to comment on the pre-flop decision along with flop question.

$2/$5 table. UTG raises to $35. He had about $800 behind. Notes on him during the session; he played his strong hands fairly aggressively, was capable of making good folds (flashed a K that he folded to my flop reraise on a K83 two-spade board, later claimed KJ), didn’t seem to get out of line with his betting. Standard opening raise was $15-$20, $20-$25 when there were limpers (as there often were in this game). Suffice to say the $35 threw me for a bit.

I’m UTG +2 with about $530 behind. Holding JJ, I call. CO calls as does BB.

Flop is 246 rainbow. UTG leads out for $120. If helpful, notes on CO and BB were that they were huge fish/donkeys who both had been stacked at least twice. What’s your action?